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Bathroom Sinks

Find Your Elements 

Before we begin, what are the Natural Elements, 

All  living creatures Can Not exist without? 

Answer: Oxygen & Water



How do we get more Oxygen?

Plant & Grow more trees, grass, & flowers all improve & support the production of clean Oxygen on this Planet.


We should try to Save rainforests, & all of the National Parks, all over the World, &, in North & South America, in particular. 

Cut less trees &  print less cash. Use online banking & Cryptocurrencies.


Who are you?

To find out which element or Day Master you or

your partner belong to, use one of these calculators. (click on Logo)


Once you know your main or Day Master element, you can figure out if this element is Strong, Weak

or Extra Strong. 

How would you do this? If your element is Wood,

for example, having only Wood & Water would

make your element "Extra Strong" (self element

& resources only).

But having Metal & Wood with Earth & Fire, with little or no Water would make your element "Weak".


It would be considered as just "Normal" or "Strong", if you have all elements in the chart with enough resources, or without many conflicts.


 To summarise:

"Resources" & "Self~Element" make us "Stronger",

while "Power" & "Money" elements make us "Weaker".

This is how Chinese doctors can determine possible health issues in the patient's chart. If the element is extremely "Weak" or absent, you can assume the patient may have an issue with the organs or systems, associated with the missing element.

For example, I had an issue with appetite, weight, & digestion in general, from a very early age. About 4.

I am a Yang Wood/ Yang Metal element & have no Earth element in my birth chart.  At all. I spent my earlier childhood years in various hospitals, Sanatoriums with Mountain Mineral Waters, summer camps, with extra sports activities, years playing piano & gymnastics, etc. Trying to improve my health. Unfortunately, even with all of these, for most of my life, I had no permanent home. Never felt like I even deserved one. Until I met my second spouse. He was an Earth element. Extra Strong. Actually, Earth & Water was all he really had.  

I purchase my first "Dream Home" at the age of 46? But, only after he passed away ...


This kind of thing: can be seen, predicted & possibly prevented, if things are properly planned, based on the Bazi Chart. My parent named me right, that's for sure. My birth name represents my Resource element. But this was about all I got, from the start.



How do you know which element object belongs to? 


Each element corresponds to certain shape & color, each element also carries their own psychological characteristics (purpose) & made out of certain materials. In the modern world with many recycled artificial materials, you have to rely on the closest to the origin.


Plastic would be considered a non-material object (it does not exist in nature before it's creation), because it does not belong to any element alone. Humans are also non-material object, but in a different way. Your parents wanted you (mental process) this is why you were born (physical effect), all humans are  "Mind Over Matter". You did not exist as a materialized body before they wanted you.  We are all non-material objects.


Trees & air, water & soil all existed before we did. They all original material objects. So, if you use plastic artificial flowers, let's say, in your decor, consider it is Wood. Silk flowers are Wood already, they made from textile (most textile, except Wool are Wood. Wool is Earth element).


4 main things to know to figure it out properly: 

  1. Material 

  2. Purpose

  3. Shape 

  4. Color


Why does it even matter?

The influence of the Colors shapes had been proven many times before, through their use in psychology. But the influence of the materials only recently became a very popular topic, especially due to the climate change movements. Our DNA is vibrating with certain frequencies. Without sound. Every organic object in nature also emits various vibrations. The vibration of the artificially created objects is usually very low or negative.

When we surround ourselves with material

objects we become interconnected with all of them. They influence our moods & physical well-being.

When we surround ourselves with mostly low frequencies we become weaker & sicker.

It has been scientifically proven that our moods

always change with the weather.


Whether you like to admit or not, everyone always feels happier, when it is sunny & somewhat

down, when it is foggy & gloomy. Our internal "interior" environment has the same invisible, but very physical effect. What we surround ourselves with will make us either sick or healthy.

The more time you spend in the environment,

the more influence it has on you. Each element carries it's own psycho~physiological energy.

Each material object does too. 



How do you "rule out" conflicts or  "Internal Affairs"?

First of all ~ by selecting the "Right Partner".

If you chose the "Wrong One" ~ review both charts. 

If you have a "Penalty", TOGETHER with "Merger" or "Peaceful Alies" combination ~ any conflict becomes lighter, automatically. 


"Clashes", sometimes, mean "Unexpected Movement". This applies to both: individual Bazi

& interpersonal charts.

 This can also be used in Business relationships,

to select "Profitable Partnership" vs. "Possible Failures".



How do you "plan" your love life?

Some people, feel more comfortable & happier in Non ~Traditional marriages or relationships.

Bazi chart can usually show this.


Some people are more attracted to the outside partners, rather than their traditional spouses.

Bazi can show this possibility as well. 


How do elements interract? 



What Profession does this Element Belongs to? 


Interior Design Elements


This is an example of 5 Yellow Sector cure.

Wood & Metal elements weaken & control it.

This is an example of the furniture piece to use as a 5 Yellow Cure. Wood weakens it, Metal controls it. Both element are present in this piece of furniture. 

This is an example of the Moving Water Cure.

This is an example of Red Earth Cure, but only if this is real Wood Fireplace or stove.

This is an example of the "Wood with Metal " piece. 

The sofa & textiles are Wood. The color is Metal. This NOT to be used as a 5 Yellow Cure. Why? Tyr not to create a sleeping or sitting area in any 5 Yellow sector.

Internal Body Elements