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Vector Relationships, Pure Romance,  Marriages & More

Bazi Elements, Psychology, Relationships & more ... 

This is somewhat controversial theory based on Chinese Bazi & iChing system by Russian mathematician and astrologer Kvasha.

The reason I believe in it, because  I personally tested both "Full Vector" (lasted 4 years) & "Romantic" Half-Vector marriage (lasted 20 years until death). Both very much true to it's original psychological description.  I will translate the original, but this is always better to understand in Russian Language

There are 5 main types of marriage all people can get into: 

  1. Vector Marriage - This union is usually either Karmic Predisposition or an accident, a mystery, or Pandora's box, a breakthrough into the fourth dimension, or something else like that. It is hardly a peaceful union. Sometime, it is unbreakable.

  2. Equal Marriage - An equal marriage can only be called a union in which the spouses have the same type of thinking.

  3. Romantic Marriage - Fall in love quickly, live beautifully, do not hide love from people, love separation - the reason for joyful dates, always remain as bride and groom.

  4. Spiritual Marriage - Union, in which the types of thinking of both spouses are mutually complementary.

  5. Patriarchal Marriage - The ideal situation for entering into a patriarchal marriage is a mutual desire to prolong the family line.

Here is a little bit about each. 

Personally from my experience, Vector is just abnormal combination of mental energies between two or sometimes three people.

They can not help it either. They experience periods of absolute attraction, almost impossible to resist, that exchanges with periods of complete disregard & irritation with each other. Bipolar relationships is probably one way to describe it. And, actually both people act

& sometimes feel bipolar.  You can not live without them, until you realize you are actually drowning. You know it's bad for you, but you keep dong it. It's the case of physical & chemical addiction toward each other. You love the person, but you can't feel happy. You don't

want to loose them, but afraid to speak the truth. It's like this person is a drug you have to have. Until you either break up or die. When it happens, the surviving party, even with all the sadness, still experiences some sense of relief that "it is over".  And begins feeling normal.  Only thing you probably will never want to get married again. Like never. This is the nature of the Vector relationships. As always in life, there are exceptions. Some people are just meant to be in Vector, children of the Vector Marriage parents, for example. They often feel better in their own Vector. And, Vector can be very productive & successful in Business, however, it has to be outside the intimate & private relationships.


Vector is a marriage that takes place between following signs: 

Rat - Monkey *

(Servant Role)

Monkey * - Snake 

(Master Role) 

Horse - Rat

Pig - Horse

Snake - Goat

Goat - Tiger

Tiger - Ox

Ox - Goat

Dog - Rooster

Rooster - Rabbit 

Rabbit  - Dragon

Dragon - Pig

In each listed pair, one sign is a "Servant", and second sign is "Master".

 "Master" is the person who has

naturally more power of control

within the pair. Obviously "Servant"

role is like "the second assistant". 

 Sometimes, Vectors can exist

among siblings in a family.

They usually have biggest influence

on the lives of the parents. 

Best way to describe this

relationships as "opposites attract".

It is either difference of 6 years

or one birth year BEFORE yours.

Couple, in which one partner born in

1969 & another in 1975, for example,

is a Vector. Rooster - Rabbit.  

Or couple born in 1976 & 1975

also represents Vector. Dragon - Rabbit.

 Bazi couple with the Rat & Monkey

in the Day Master, Hour or the Month branch also have a Vector. Rat - Monkey.

 It is called the clash in Bazi. 

 If, for example, one partner was born

in the hour of Rabbit, while the other

in the month of the Dragon, they

also have a Vector Present & it will, 

definitely, influence their relationship patterns, to some extend. 

 Remember, most people only look

at the year, when they consider the match. However,  Vector can also be

hidden in the Bazi chart.

Always consider this for couples. 


Patriarchal marriage is a marriage

that takes place between following

trinity of signs:

Tiger - Dog - Horse

Rabbit - Pig - Goat

Rat - Monkey - Dragon

Snake - Ox - Rooster

 From the stand point of

Traditional Bazi this combination

is actually called the Self-Punishment.

 Tiger - Tiger, Dog - Dog, 

Horse - Horse, Rat - Rat, etc.

​ One exception is Rabbits. They do not possess the Self-Punishment rule.

It has to do with the Traditional Story

of the Astrological signs numerical position & partially old faith.

Rabbit, had sacrificed himself for everyone,  & was given "an extra freedom".

Rabbits do not have

the Self-Punishment rule.

Patriarchal union is Only the union,

in which both spouses belong

to the  same ideological trinity.  


Spiritual is a marriage that takes place between following signs:

Rat - Rooster, Rat - Ox, Rat - Snake

Monkey - Rooster, Monkey - Ox

Dragon - Rooster, Dragon - Ox

Dragon - Snake, etc.

Spiritual marriage can be called a union, in which the types of thinking

of both spouses are mutually complementary: mysticism,

logic  & realism.


Equal Marriage is the the union between the following signs:

 Horse - Rooster, Horse - Snake,

Horse - Ox, Tiger - Rooster,

Tiger - Snake, Dog - Snake, etc.

Only union, in which the spouses

have the same type of thinking can be called an equal marriage.


Romantic  is a marriage that takes place between following signs: 


Goat - Ox, Goat - Rooster

Rabbit - Snake, Rabbit - Ox

Pig - Ox, Pig - Rooster, Pig - Snake, etc.

A romantic marriage can only

be called a union in which the difference between the years of

birth is a multiple of two, but not a multiple of four (2, 6, 10, 14, etc.)


Some Famous Vector Marriages

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