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Have you ever heard the phrase "head hunters"? These are the employment agencies, sites and HR offices. This world, & our whole reality runs on brains. Thoughts and ideas.  


Beside running this webspace, my main purpose and idea is to find a partners to fund my Real Estate Community Project. This was the main point of Entertaining Economics ™ trademark and webspace. 

I wanted to build this immigrants  community. I still do.


I saw and experienced unfair treatment  toward Legal Immigrants by American born employers. They often treated much worth than colored population. Same with veterans, or thought they have a mental issues, but still. And people with ANY disability. People who are not born on this land and came here legally or not, get equally discriminated, wither you want to admit it or not.  My project was written for formal immigrants, who came formal Eurasian Continent and Middle East. Any Educated Middle Class citizen & immigrant, who were either taken advantage by American Mortgage system or employment agencies. I wanted people to see they can get out of debt. By running their own businesses and concentrate on properly investing in Real Estate. 


I generate many ideas that can be turned into great "money making cows". By the right people with the right vision. These are some of my current projects ideas. Projects are NOT FREE. Only MUTUAL advertising is FREE on our webspace. 

 What is in it for you, when there are many other places to post your thought & ideas on for free? Specialization. It's not a blog, but it's not a controlled environment either. However, it is very strictly specialised space. Plus VALUE. It costs me over $180.00 every month to run hosting, sites, etc.

It will be FREE of charge for you.

My Brand Marinápolis ® is ONLY specialises in 11 selected topics, but nothing else:


  • Investing in Real Estate

  • Real Estate Development

  • Real Estate: Market & Industry + New Laws

  • Construction: News & Inventions

  • Cryptocurrency: projection analysis

  • Travel Industry: News & Mergers

  • Solar Industry: News & Inventions

  • Feng Shui + Bazi

  • Flying Stars of Feng Shui 

  • New & Unusual Furniture Brands

  • General Family Psychology

(non-medicated approach only)

No other topics. These 11 topics are all related, directly or indirectly, to my Dream project "Affordable Residential Business Community". This is how I want my brand to look. Finally,


We are ALWAYS looking for new brands to partner with for FREE MUTUAL ONLINE ADVERTISING. By FREE I mean really FREE.

Exquisite "One of a  Kind" Designs for your: home, office or hotel chain.

Mr. Bunny Bed by Circu®

Mr. Bunny Bed by Circu®

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