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Period 9 Feng Shui


9th Feng Shui Period (2024 ~  2044)

  1. Number 1 star is Water & North

  2. Number 2 star is Earth & South West

  3. Number 3 star is Wood & East

  4. Number 4 star is Wood & South East

  5. Number 5 Yellow is Earth & Center

  6. Number 6 star is Metal & North West

  7. Number 7 star is Metal & West

  8. Number 8 star is Earth & North East

  9. Number 9 star is Fire & South

 Flying Stars Original Meaning & Position


MY CHART has SOUTH on the bottom.

Last  historical Period 9  began in

year 1844 and ended 1864.

Who Ruled the World back then? 


ENGLAND ~  The House of

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

King Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. In 1863 he married Princess Alexandra of Denmark; their second son succeeded as King George V after the death of their eldest son, the Duke of Clarence, in 1892.


AUSTRIA ~ House of Habsburg-Lorraine. 

Ferdinand I of Austria, ruled from 1835 until 1848. He was succeeded by Franz Joseph I of Austria, who ruled from 1848  until 1916. 


KINGDOM of GREECE ~ House of Wittelsbach + House of Glücksburg

Otto Friedrich Ludwig von Bayern. He ruled as a head of House of Wittelsbach, between 1832  & 1862. He was succeeded by George I of Greece, of the House of Glücksburg

It was established & existed between 1832–1924, & later, between 1935 through 1973, as the union between Danish royal family, Greek royal family & Norwegian royal family. It was fully dissolved with the death of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten, in 1979. 


RUSSIA ~ The House of


Nicholas I had ruled Russia from December, 1825 until  March, 1855. He reigned for 30 years until his death,and was succeeded by his son Alexander II, in 1855. Alexander II began his reign

as Tsar of Russia in 1855, until

his death in 1881. 


FRANCE ~  The House of Bonaparte. 

From from 1830 to 1848, France was ruled by Louis Philippe I, nicknamed "The Citizen King", was King of the France,  and the penultimate monarch of France. He was succeeded by Jacques-Charles Dupont de l'Eure, who ruled until  late 1848, then by Louis-Eugène Cavaignac &, was

in turn, succeeded by Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, who reign between December of 1852 & September of 1870. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 11.43.32 AM.png

UNITED STATED of AMERICA  ~ House of Democrats + Federalist (Republicans).

President James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States. In the  office from March 4, 1845 – March 4, 1849. He was succeeded by Zachary Taylor, until 1850 & by Whig Party & Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States until 1853. He was succeeded by the Democrat Franklin Pierce, who was 14th president of the United States until 1857. He was succeeded by the 15th president, Federalist James Buchanan, who stayed in the office until March 4, 1861. He was succeeded by 16th President of the United States, Federalist and Republican Abraham Lincoln. Who

was in the office until his assassination in 1865.


GERMANY ~ House of Hohenzoller. 

Frederick William IV,  King of Prussia ruled  from 1840 until 1861. His brother took over as regent in 1858, after his stroke and became King William I in 1861. He ruled until his death in 1888.


DENMARK  ~ House of Oldenburg. 

Christian VIII of Denmark ruled from  1839 until 1848. He was succeeded by Frederick VII of Denmark, who ruled until 1863.


SPAIN ~ The House of Bourbon.

 Isabella II, "the Queen of Sad Mischance, "the Traditional Queen Isabel II". She received a Queen Title at the age of 3, her mother ruled instead

of her until she became of ruling age. Isabella was declared of age and swore by the Queen by the Constitution on 10 November 1843, at the age of 13. But her succession was disputed by the Carlists, who refused to recognize a female sovereign, leading to the Carlist Wars. After a troubled reign, she was formally abdicated in 1870. Her son, Alfonso XII, became a king in 1874. Technically,her mother, Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, was the real ruler of Spain, between 1833 until 1868. 

PERIOD 9 Feng Shui

PERIOD 9 Feng Shui

PERIOD 9 Feng Shui
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⭐Getting Ready for Period 9 Feng Shui | Career | Direction | Zodiac Animal Sign | Flying Stars

⭐Getting Ready for Period 9 Feng Shui | Career | Direction | Zodiac Animal Sign | Flying Stars

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🏠Best House Surroundings in Period 9 | Feng Shui Tips

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United States






9th Feng Shui Period (2024 ~  2044)

will bring the Biggest Success to the Following Industries:

  1. Space industry, Robotics, Aeronautics;

  2. Fashion Industry, PR, Event planning, Design Industry;

  3. Feng Shui or similarly related businesses; alternative forms of Spirituality;

  4. Radiation therapy vs. Chemotherapy discoveries; Digital Communication;

  5. Gas, oil, petroleum & chemistry, will produce or discover new types of energy;  

  6. Solar energy, "Time Machine discovery"  &  MORE

  7. Genetics & Cannabis Industry; Smoke Bars, etc; 

  8. Fireman, Paramedics, Plastic & Cosmetic Industry specialists + prosecution;

  9. Beauty products, cosmetics, Spas;

  10. Restaurant industry, Culinary Arts, Spice trade Industry, Cannabis Cuisine;

  11. Graphic designers, media, robotics, cartoons, anime, pornography;

  12. Night Clubs, Sex bars, Strip Clubs; sex trafficking;

  13. Medicinal Research & discovery; Alchemy return;

  14. Psychology; Alcohol industry & Distillery research;

  15. New fuel resources, virtual characters; TV & computer industry; Plastic & 3d printing;

  16. Semiconductors & anything that utilizes light; heat, or objects to create light & heat;

  17. Artificial intelligence (AI), Internal affairs, Espionage Industry, History Research;

  18. Aromatherapy and homeopathy, Acupuncture, Mainstream Witchcraft, Archeology;

As history always repeats itself,  you can check historical events of the past Period 9, to estimate events of

the future. As Number 9 represents Fire element, & can not exist without Wood element, professions related

to both, Wood & Fire ~ would become dominant during the next 20 years . Because element of Water represents "Money" or "Wealth" element for Fire, specialties & professions, related to the Water element can also bring profits. 

element of Metal represents "Power" for Fire, while element of Earth is Fire's "Self-Expression" or "Creativity". 


What does this mean in terms of the Society in the next 20 years? 

As the leader "Fire"  (professions & industries, related to the Fire element) will use Metal Element industries (banks, police & law enforcement, etc.) to control both "Water" & "Wood" element industries, while anything related to "Earth" element will evolve freely.


Little Flying Stars Humor: 

Do you know why combination 9-4-9 leads to being" blessed with good wealth luck and many female offsprings"?

It has roots in Chinese medicine & faith. Combination 9 and 4 is considered to bring "Peach Blossom" effect.

Number 9 is Fire, and it's quality is to enhance any other number, it comes in contact with. It means, effect of his

"Peach Blossom" is doubled. It means being overly attractive. Sometimes too much is not good. Males, and middle

aged females, are most likely commit infidelity, or may become more prone to infidelity. And based on chinese faith,

as well as pre-christian slavic faith, girls are, usually, born from the families, with male partners being unfaithful, either emotionally or physically. So astrologers, knowing these qualities of flying stars, concluded: this combination leads

to more female birth compare to male births, during this particular decade. "Blessed with good wealth luck and many female offsprings."


Period 9 FlyingStars

South West 2*6*7 

  1. Good for power & authority

  2.  Attracts wealth and nobility, but competition in business

  3. Confrontation between mature male population & female gay population;chance of injury by metal objects during arguments

  4. Younger and older women could find it difficult to get along

2 is Mountain Star

7 is Water Star

West 7*2*

  1. Good for military or police

  2. Good for evolving  technology sector

  3. Lesbian dominated or not the best for traditional women, generational females conflicts

  4. Double Earth 2 + 2 represents land and property

  5. Occupants are likely to enjoy high land and property ownership due to inheritance or hard work

  6. Women may exhibit lustful and domineering behaviours

7 is Mountain Star

2 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector

North West 6* 1 *3

  1. Good for career advancements, good for money, possibility of unexpected windfall

  2. Lucrative for law offices or legal service businesses

  3. Great for mature males & traditional/conservative families

  4. Any negative effect of this combination can be correct by using Red Earth element (using brick or terracotta material). It means creating new buildings that include brick and terracotta material layers. 

6 is Mountain Star

3 is Water Star

South 9*4*9 

  1. Good for writing, study & creativity

  2. Great for conceiving a smart baby

  3. Good for scholastic advancements & historical research

  4. Luckiest sector for the middle aged females

  5. Favourable combination for financial luck

  6. Occupants are blessed with good wealth luck

and many female offsprings

The LUCKIEST SECTOR between years 2024 ~ 2043.

9 is Mountain Star

9 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector

Center 5*9*4

  1. Good for money & writing, but possible fire accidents

  2. Health pandemic or decline is possible; as well as scientific health research "break through"

  3. Luckiest sector for the middle aged females

5 is Mountain Star

4 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector

North 1*5*8 

  1. Good for profits

  2. Misunderstandings among younger male siblings or business partners

  3. Natural Disasters are possible

1 is Mountain Star

8 is Water Star

South East 4*8*5

  1. Good for money & writing

  2. Brings wealth to occupants, but lack of creativity or stagnation for younger male population

  3. Gang developments are possible

  4. Use Metal element activities to improve the situation

4 is Mountain Star (Health)

5 is Water Star (Wealth)

East 3*7*6 

  1. Troubled by quarrels & fights

  2. Possible robberies confrontation between younger female population & mature male or gay male population; chance of injury by metal objects during arguments

  3. Disharmonies in the family tend to arise, leading to the separation or divorce of married couples

  4. Mistresses or extramarital affairs, younger and older women could find it difficult to get along

  5. Good for attorney business

3 is Mountain Star

6 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector

North East 8*3*1 

  1. Good for promotions

  2. Chance of gossip & lawsuits

  3. Good for money, real estate

  4. Good for younger male & gay male population

  5. Any negative effect of this combination is annulled by using Fire element (which is the current period itself). This means creating and participating in non-violent activities related to the Fire element. 

8 is Mountain Star

1 is Water Star

Sectors energy analysis for the next 20 years (in numeric order)

If you notice, all of the "Mountain" or "Health" stars are in their original positions, while "Water" or "Wealth" stars begin

in North East. And remember, you can apply this map to any region, such as country, state, city, your own home, etc. It's not just a world map. It is the "Energy map for the next 20 years"

 You can download  all Flying Stars combinations here. For specific combination and cures please visit here. 


 I want to advise women, when you see the stars like "Bloody Knife" this can mean this period of your life may require surgical procedures, of any kind, from dental to serious; miscarriages, or difficulties conceiving, besides possible accidents. 

Always remember, one of the old secrets of trying to prevent bad luck is to? Donate. Blood ~ for health & safety & Money ~ for the rest. You can do it during the Holidays, by giving Gift Cards to the Homeless, Donating to Shelters

or, just giving every day of the year.

Pay attention, to all of the "good & evil" stars (calculator), that show up during

January, 2023. They will be affecting you for the next 20 years. Good luck.


Also very important to remember ALL OF THESE Stars are ONLY activated

in certain cases. Just "Having it" does not mean anything.

Little Secret?

Their negative effect turns positive or disappears in the presence of the Nobleman Star or Heavenly Virtue. 

How does it work? When you survive against all odds, for example. This is