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"Art of Energy"

What is Feng Shui
in Three Words? 



From external to internal.

Feng Shui is all about energy & moods. Have you ever felt irritated in a room, when you walked in & heard some music,

you do not like? Seen furniture in colors you avoid or in the kitchen, when you smell something you really hate? All external objects in the environment make us either happy or irritated. Sometimes, we can learn how to correct conflicting energies. 

All of these are part of Feng Shui. Not just hieroglyphs & numbers. The way we interact with everyday reality ~ is

Feng Shui.  All energy surrounds us: happy or not. 

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Winter Gift Box
  • If you can plan to build your own home cheaper than mortgage for the old one, would you you do it? 

  • If you could not build a new one would you remodel old one, if it it would be interest free? 

  • What would you remodel first & why?

  • Would you invest in changing your interior design, if you could not move or remodel? 

Most of women know: kitchen you don't like ~ usually "sits lonely",

no one cooks there.  And partners in homes,

with uncomfortable kitchen ~ feel irritated.

Houses like these luck some love, in my opinion.

Kitchen is the first most important place,

that makes you feel happy in your home.  

Bedroom is the second most important place.

You have to "love" your bedroom to be happy & feel sexy.

 All of these are Feng Shui. 

2022/2023 Holiday Season

I already owe 5 of her reproductions.

I absolutely love her paintings energy.

Isabella Karolewicz Art ©

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