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Japanese Calligraphy

Basic Characters you need to know

These are The Earthly Branches, The Heavenly Stems & their meaning

The Earthly Branches

  1. Rat ~ Zi

  2. Ox ~ Choi

  3. Tiger ~ Yín

  4. Rabbit ~ Mao

  5. Dragon ~ Chén

  6. Snake ~ Sì

  7. Horse ~ Wu

  8. Sheep ~ Wèi

  9. Monkey ~ Shen

  10. Rooster ~ Yǒu

  11. Dog ~ Xu

  12. Pig ~ Hai

The Heavenly Stems

  1. Yang Wood

  2. Yin Wood

  3. Yang Fire

  4. Yin Fire

  5. Yang Earth

  6. Yin Earth

  7. Yang Metal

  8. Yin Metal

  9. Yang Water

  10. Yin Water

10 Heavenly Stems Characteristics

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