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Meet The Team

This Trademark Marinapolis ®  & Webspace had began in 2019. First (this site) & Second 

(all about Day Master Bazi) sites are all about "Personal Development, including Feng Shui".

I offer a Virtual Web Network of qualified Feng Shui teachers & plenty of free advice for

"Do It Yourself ~ DIY Feng Shui" on my sites. I am an American Citizen. I immigrated from Ukraine

in 1998. 

I graduated with Raymond Lo ® School of Feng Shuiin San Francisco, CA. I also have degrees

in management & economics.


I DO NOT offer any personal Bazi consultations, only FREE web school. Both of my sites: www.Mariná www.Mariná offer plenty of referrals

for people who do.


I hand pick all videos or content I share, to make sure I do not spread faulty knowledge.

There are plenty of websites & books. But learning Feng Shui without proper references or teachers

is like performing brain surgery without a degree, after reading a book. This is how science turns into superstition. By turning idea without logical base, into fairy tales, that get spread all over, science loses its validity. Feng Shui is a very logical science. Very serious, deep & connected to the actual physical reality. Metaphysical science is related to our states of mind & emotions. So, we only share "qualified

& verified".


I am  fluent in English, Russian & Ukrainian.


My brand Marinápolis ® is limited to 11 selected topic only: 

  • Investing in Real Estate

  • Real Estate Development

  • Real Estate: Market & Industry

  • Construction: News & Inventions

  • Cryptocurrency: projection analysis

  • Travel Industry: News & Mergers

  • Solar Industry: News & Inventions

  • Feng Shui + Bazi

  • Flying Stars of Feng Shui 

  • New & Unusual Furniture Brands

  • General Psychology

(non-medicated approach only)

They are all related directly or indirectly to my Dream project Affordable Business CommunityMy corporate website is


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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